Big Data backup and recovery



Big Data backup and recovery in real time, Captures all mission critical live digital content facilitating accessibility and utilization universally anytime anywhere access to your big data.

The world most innovative big data solutions and services

Continuous Data Availability(CDA) as a Service

Big Data Backup and Recovery

Big Data backup and Recovey Capture and deliver of your mission critical big data asset in real time. Big data capturing technology that dramatically improves IT assets management, increases business productivity and security with embedded hacker proof solution, secures massive digital content delivery service at speeds 40 times faster than today’s legacy bandwidth. Continuous Data Avatlability offers unique appliance services spanning through platforms integration, software aggregations and network bandwidth accelerations. CDA solutions include applications and delivers capabilities that support your global business networks. the changing game of big data backup and recovery and its complexity CDA offres inovation. 



Major Application Functions and benefit 


  • Member of Scalable Hybrid Cloud Platform, Failsafe Real Time Factory Automation Platform
  • e-communication platform                                            

  • Failsafe Real Time Instrumentation Controller                           Big Data Services                           
  • Dual Host Bus Expansion Subsystem Controller                                  
  • HA Super CDA Server
  • HA Super CGI Server                     
  • HA Super Web Server
  • CGI Client Animation App Edge Server
  • CGI Software Tool Sets SaaS Engine                                                                                       
  • Enterprise CDA clients’ HA i-Disk/s-Disk
  • Enterprise CGI clients’ HA i-Disk/s-Disk
  • Artists’ CGI Animation App HA i-Disk 
  • Enterprise Business Clients’ HA



What CDA needs to know to get started

  1. Where is the data located in your infrastructure and its size

  2. How is your data structured or stored, e.g.: SAN, NAS or (JBOD)

  3. How do you want us to access the data


Technology innovation & ecosystem, performance, service and maintenance at the highest ethical standards; gain access to our exceptional team, connecting customer with in depth know-how; the experience to solve a client’s most complex and critical big data backup challenges from initial design strategy through final implementation. The right technologies for today's Big Data Infrastructure think outside the box accelerate your analytic  with CDA capture backup and recovery solution.





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We exceed your expectation all the time deliver 100% digital content captured you’re digital asset in control ASCII Networks team’s experience of Works increases client’s value and security In-depth knowledge allows business and organization the opportunity to leapfrog the competition

Our teams offer information technology (IT) industry knowledge and know-how highly-skilled professionals help clients determine the challenges along with the opportunities and implement the right solutions to achieve the identified business results.

We provide real- time computing processing power capture or deliver massive content in real-time helping clients assess and accelerate the value of their real-time or big data in motion enterprise