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Welcome to Ascii Networks Big Data Management Support

Our story big data management we are a privately held IT managed services company in Toronto Canada a mix of veteran IT Architect and the innovative, fun, visional and talented group of IT entrepreneurs looking to develop, market and distribute cutting-edge real time content capture and delivery solutions in a secure environment. Our platform provides a truly failsafe mode of propagation in the clouds.

Big data management

Real Time Big Data management

“zero-latency Big data capture” on-Demand real time big data or massive content to be delivered or processed in real time (or near real time) to match the speed of your business operations in the digital world. ASCII Networks innovation provide big data management capture, replication and synchronization of all your big data, efficient real-time availability for the user

Real-time (RT) Know-how and architecture designed to differentiate between the capturing and storing text data in its many forms which can be sliced and later reformatted into its original form, the massive content such as graphics, video, various images, music and big data, or massive content which CANNOT be indexed and sliced as its form is based on ‘frame by frame’ and needs to be captured in its entirety and complete in real time. HARP as a Service offers real time big data Business Solutions Enablement to users and our partners.

We leverage technology to inspire innovation, promote growth, drive efficiency and accelerate our clients’ success. Our focus is on the customer understanding our clients’ unique business challenges and desired outcomes.

ASCII Networks managed big data solutions services deliver exceptional holistic result from project concept and planning through design, build, and commissioning our Senior Leadership Team provides focus insight with a passion to engage with our customer, Take advantage of our professional  know-how become your teams big data expert let’s get started now.