Big Data Solution

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Real-Time platforms and solutions for today’s content proliferation space, information technology industry, network computing structure and Internet of things, users’ live content can quickly reach the mission critical level and the on-demand aggregation of their big data must stay available all the time.

ASCII Networks offers the most sustainable solutions by providing users the “massive in nature” and/or “real-time in nature” processing power solving the business problems create unmatched value; deliver measurable results attain the highest levels of performance, drive revenue and maintain a competitive advantage with HARP Real-Time big data Platforms as a services.                                                          

With our unique real-time data capture and delivery solutions you now have the power to harness your mission critical content or big data information, gain meaningful operational insights anywhere anytime with full image-based capture instant full system recovery and high availability plus our Hybrid Cloud Platform Virtualization services.

 Data can show you more about what really matter and how to do more than you ever thought possible big data managed services todays enterprises have deployed analytics software to extract actionable insights its capability to analyze big data the increase in number of mobile devices and apps, the organizations are shifting  from analog to digital technologies faster The decision making process and primary question to be considered by decision makers is what are we analysing and how massive in nature content is produced; how is Big Data captured or collected under the current IT infrastructure big data solutions and services in the market.

ASCII Networks Innovative key provide big data capture replication and synchronization for  big data, efficient real-time availability for the user, the data is then kept alive for analytics processing and delivery without the need of client infrastructure  I/O bottleneck, our transparent mode of operation solutions and service handles all the processing go beyond become a user today