Managed IT Support Services Tailored to Your Organizational Goals


Managed IT Support services delivers business advantages for many small and midsize companies, with the level of service support needed to maintain a fully functioning IT department, without the need to maintain full time staff to manage your IT infrastructure or the need to have an in-house help desk department.

Managed IT support  services providers improves efficiency, reliability, security, and maintenance all while lowering costs and freeing up staff to work on more strategic projects, designed with a simple monthly cost and ROI that makes business sense.Top of Form

Has your IT environment become more critical to your businesses needs by leveraging technology to better connect with customers and Organizations. Leverage IT as a service (ITaaS) model, ASCII Networks Managed IT Support Services Tailored to Your Organization offers maintenance, management and control supporting the changing business needs.

Managed IT Support Services deliver consistent, high quality services Maintaining IT costs responsibility for the day-to-day management you can quickly provision IT resources for any type of workload Tailored Managed IT Support Solutions to help transform the required organizations Goals


Breakthrough Innovation

  • Transform your IT to focus on how to innovate to grow your business
  • Hybrid Cloud platform Leverage proven technology trends
  • innovations through technology evaluate, invest, resources

High Performance

  • Optimize & Secure Your Systems, and Drive Higher Employee Productivity
  • Minimizes downtime and improves business continuity to satisfy your customers
  • Total quality control via application layer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Turn-key on-boarding process that leverages platform with existing systems
  • Scalable platform that can accommodate your growth without large investments

Reduced Risk

  • Mitigates risk caused by employee turnover
  • Significant Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Removes required skills gap by leveraging our team of experts
  • Built-in IT support Service Management (ITSSM) processes
  • Extensive security expertise
  • Predictable and flexible cost models