Big data Infrastructure

Big Data Infrastructure Intelligent Appliance & Device services

Big data infrastructure High Availability Real-time Processing (HARP) products can power any type of hosting platform under a typical cloud computing platform architecture managing the resources and providing services for many different business models.

  • Real-time BDIaaS (Big Data Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
  •   PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  •   SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  •  Cloud shared services
  •  Cyber security protection services
  •  Cross cloud platforms management infrastructure 
  • HARP hosting platforms support private, hybrid or public clouds

Appliance & Intelligent Device Services Big data infrastructure

BIG DATA BACKUP PARADIGM SHIFT” CONTINUOUS DATA AVAILABILITY™ FOR BIG DATA or massive content (CDAaaS) Provide the best big data management methodology to ensure rules and regulations compliance and business continuity for big data stakeholders

Big data infrastructure use cases distinctive server engine to execute big data capturing, storing, preserving, managing, and delivering hacker avoidance cyber patrol for big data or massive content gathering and delivery; continuous data availability to ensure massive database security in live operational mode.

Secure high speed networking infrastructure to interlink business entities globally big data management in compliance with all government rules and regulations; large scale cluster server engines for massive content streaming including voice, video, music, multi-media, images, using industrial standard IT processes such as capture, store, preserve, manage and delivery models to secure the mission critical data without incurring capital expenditure.

Customized CDA Solutions for enterprise corporate data centers for 24/7 mission critical IT operations; banking, finance, scientific, medical, utility, laboratory educational, transportation, government and manufacturing applications. Shop floor instrument control and manufacturing execution for factory automation; non-stop processing power for scientific and laboratory modeling and computations; computer generated imagery (CGI) 3D animation, and games hosting, big data business intelligent, sensors, imaging collection, instruments control and monitoring; aviation and military device signals collection, instruments control and Building monitoring

“No one model fits all” Innovative consulting services are offered based on  Big data infrastructure CDA service categories to benefit users Our team includes a list of seasoned IT entrepreneurs, industry experts with many years of experience and know-how  Proactive  Managed big data Infrastructure connect with us and gain the secure performance benefits for your big data


Big data infrastructure

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