I.T. Infrastructure Services


Proactive Managed I.T. Infrastructure Services Protection Benefits

Proactive monitoring with managed I.T. infrastructure services connects resources to accelerate efficiencies in day-to-day monitoring, maintenance and management of your infrastructure, we also look for ways to improve the performance of your networks and achieve your business objectives quicker, Infrastructure Services team generate ideas and look at business problems from an outside the box perspective.

If you’re a small to medium sized business looking for a team of technology experts ASCII Networks is the right partner for you, we help you free up the time you spend worrying about your daily IT and demonstrate excellence in technology implementation and know how, functioning and ultimately improve profitability of your I.T. infrastructure and landscape across organizations domains.

Business infrastructure roadmap and evolution to keep up with today’s digital economy and market helping clients retain their competitive edge helps deliver greater business impact from IT through services with measurable ROI greater accountability and operational efficiency

• Storage                                                                                                                                              I.T. Infrastructure Services
• Network

• Compute
• Turnkey appliance solutions for database
• Installation and Migration Services
• Configuration and Integration
• Assessment Services
• Design & Architectural Services
• Procurement Services
• Performance Analysis & Tuning
• Health Check
• Sever performance issues

When a disaster happens, IT environments are anything but standard that’s why your business needs a single cross-platform solution that protects the entire IT environment disaster recovery and restore, data protection, managed system, migration for business continuity to operate again. ASCII Networks is there to help using our experience and expertise to make sure you have access to what you need as efficiently as possible, provides backup and Storage, Linux and Windows on virtual systems and physical machines.

ASCII Networks manage infrastructure services offers monitoring best practice tool set for the job, while enabling data to move in a secure, managed and reliable way across the organizations domains efficiency manage resources smarter, providing a better customer experiences our infrastructure Services team provides expertise, insight, and the resources need to boost your in-house capabilities to accelerate project timelines. Taking care of your business infrastructure anywhere anytime connect with us here to get started.