Big Data Appliance


Big Data Appliance deliver the ultimate data availability enterprise management tool

Big data appliance for your critical big data applications idisk platform offers the user’s continuous data availability solutions and services anytime anywhere. Intelligent Big Data device with secure capture backup and deliver for your mission critical digital asset in real time performance manifesting continuous data availability Idisk big data appliance is 100% secure. Keep big data alive for use capture, replicate and synchronize where accompanying analysis tools come into play. idisk can scale from 4TB to petabyte’s

Big Data availability that Improve performance, manage resources, and minimize operational risks. Make sure you are never left without your important information, Big Data smart device offers continuous big data availability with speed beyond the conventional 10 Gbps don’t fall victim to cyber attract our hacker avoidance solution keep your big data safe

 Big Data Appliance

Empower the IT professional to create trough the capture, collection and integration of massive in nature, real-time and/or near-real time in nature content from disparate sources. A coherent Big Data services, whether on-premises or in the Clouds removing the constraints to business innovation, workloads processing, predictive analytics and transactions of structured, unstructured, and semi-structure data  in a secure environment with the bandwidth to support and deliver the content anytime anywhere.

Enterprise big data management with the ultimate delivery solution and services that help formulate strategic plans, optimize key processes, improve performance, manage resources, and minimize big data soultion availability risks.

The most powerful Big Data Appliance big data Availability tool for your real time analytics get started today